Public transport

  • Tram no. 8 and 11 from Zurich main station or Zurich Stadelhofen to stop Kreuzplatz.
  • Bus 31 from Zürich Altstetten or Zürich Kienastenwies to the Kreuzplatz stop
  • Forchbahn (S 18) from Stadelhofen station to Kreuzplatz stop

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Underground parking garage Neumünster

The Neumünster parking garage provides visitors with safe and clean parking spaces. The entrance and exit are located at the Kreuzplatz southeast of Stadelhofen station, in the direction of Zollikerstrasse.

Number of parking spaces:

  • 34 parking spaces
  • 2 for electric vehicles
  • 4 short-term parking spaces
  • Disabled parking: none
  • Entrance height: 2.10m
  • Payment options: only cash payment possible


Dr. med Friederike Remmen
general surgeon, specialized in proctology
office of rectal diseases

Forchstrasse 8a
8008 Zurich

Phone: 044 512 19 29
Fax: 044 387 70 31

Emergency number 079 577 08 95

Site plan